Bridger Smith Custom Homes is a licensed, insured contractor specializing in custom homes in Twin Falls and the surrounding area. We’re dedicated to quality and committed to customer-contractor communication throughout the building process, ensuring your home is built to exceed your expectations. With us, you’ll have full support from selecting a spot through to receiving the keys of your dream home. 


Bridger Smith Custom Homes is owned by Bridger and Jennifer Smith of Twin Falls. A Rupert native, Bridger moved to Twin Falls in 2001. In 2003, Bridger accepted a job framing homes and quickly discovered his passion for building. By 2006, Bridger Smith Construction was formed as a framing contractor and Bridger had also obtained his Idaho Real Estate License, where he soon developed a passion for serving people through Real Estate and combined the two together. Shortly after, Bridger had successfully completed his first custom home. In 2009, Bridger’s aspirations led him to a job with another contractor where he developed skills in many other areas of the building process including concrete, roofing, siding, flooring, and finish carpentry, as well as experience in additions, remodels, renovations, and agricultural and commercial construction.

In 2013, Bridger accepted a position as Project Manager for one of Southern Idaho’s premier custom home builders where for nearly four years he was able to expand his knowledge and experience in construction management and the home building process, as well as build great relationships with some of the top contractors, subcontractors, and materials suppliers and vendors in the area.


Bridger and Jennifer met in 2004 and were married in 2005. They have two beautiful children, Juniper and Preston. The Smith’s feel honored and blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community, and thoroughly enjoy their Southern Idaho lifestyle. Bridger and Jennifer love working together and even occasionally take on the framing of their homes together.


Along with home building and real estate, the Smith’s are passionate about hunting, fishing, camping, mountain biking, kayaking, and even a little dancing, just to name a few. They also love meeting people and making new friends, and look forward to meeting you



Building Your Dream Custom Home in Southern Idaho

At Bridger Smith Custom Homes, we specialize in bringing dream homes to life across Southern Idaho. Our expertise extends to several key locations, including Twin Falls, Filer, Jerome, Rupert, Burley, and Kimberly. Each of these areas offers unique opportunities and landscapes for building a custom home that aligns perfectly with your vision and lifestyle.

In Twin Falls, known for its stunning scenery and vibrant community, we create homes that complement both the natural beauty and the modern amenities of the area. Moving over to Filer and Jerome, we focus on crafting homes that blend with the quiet charm and rural backdrop of these towns, providing a peaceful retreat for our clients.

Rupert and Burley, with their rich histories and welcoming communities, are perfect for those looking to build a home that feels both new and deeply rooted in community traditions. Lastly, in Kimberly, we design homes that reflect the town's growing and dynamic character, making each project there unique and special.

At Bridger Smith Custom Homes, we understand the nuances of each location in Southern Idaho and use this knowledge to build custom homes that are not just structures, but true extensions of the community and environment. Let us guide you in creating a home that is a perfect fit for your desired location.